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Display Artwork in Tight Spaces: Using Frames With Multiple Apertures

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Not every home has the wall space for hundreds of photographs of family and friends. When space is limited it can mean rotating pictures to display them all or using a digital frame to scroll through the extras. Another option is multi picture frames. They allow many photos to fit into one frame for a more efficient use of the available space. The best part is how easy these frames are to use to create a theme.

Show Different Stages

Frames with multiple openings make it easy to show people, pets and even a renovation project over the course of time. Use individual frames to display a child from infancy to the toddler years and then create another for school photos. It can even be used to document a weight loss or other type of fitness journey. It is a wonderful way to have growth or improvement comparisons in one place where everyone can see and appreciate them.

Remember an Event

Put wedding photographs, vacation pictures or the memories from any other event in one place. Choose a frame and mount color and design that matches the theme of the event for a completely coordinated look. Displays like this allow the photographs to be seen and enjoyed, unlike a scrapbook or photo album that is tucked away on a shelf and often forgotten about.

Display the Family

One frame can show off all the family members to the world. Companies like EasyFrame.co.uk allow customers to create a custom mount with as many openings as they would like. A frame meant to hold an engagement photo can hold two pictures of the couple. One photo could be of the pair before the proposal and one showing the beaming faces after the question is asked. A frame made to hold the pictures from a family reunion could include 40, 50 or more if needed.

Custom frames, mounts and other features make it easier than ever to display artwork and photographs in a home without the cost of a professional mounting. The process is fast and affordable, so people can have their walls decorated the way they almost instantly.

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